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If you need a language interpreter in any city, I would definitely recommend using this website. My experience working with them was very positive. Everything was done at a very high level, from customer care to interpreter services.
I have used Yufu interpreter services a few times already and I am 200% satisfied. We booked a business interpreter for business purposes and interpreter-guide, when we hosted our customers. In this way we paid only for the service we needed.
The Yufu Interpreter services demand respect. Every time I need a Chinese interpreter I book them with Yufu. It saves me time. All translators in one place. It is very convenient.
We were looking for a Chinese interpreter for the Stone Fair, but all translators were already taken. Luckily, we found an amazing interpreter, Maria, through this interpreters’ platform. Maria gained our hearts as a professional interpreter and a lovely person.
Last month I urgently needed an interpreter in a small Chinese town and I found one here. Got the confirmation very fast, my translator contacted me the same night, so we even managed to discuss some work details.
I am very grateful to Yufu. They help people to find any language interpreters anywhere and have very nice staff. Mrs. Libby helped us to find a medical interpreter within half an hour, who accompanied us to hospital. Thank you and our interpreter very much!
I am your biggest fan and have used the yufu website for two years already. For both finding interpreters and getting a professional service yufu is the best. When I need an interpreter, I just place an order and I know that I will get the best one for the best price.
I like the idea of controlling the price of the interpreter service. If I need a guide, I pay for guide-interpreter. When I need a business interpreter, then I pay for business level. I like to pay directly via the website and get an invoice, so the interpreter doesn’t need to ask for more money when we meet.
My second trip to China went very smoothly thanks to the highly professional interpreter Kevin. I found him on the yufu website. He met me at the airport and helped me to manage everything. He was my twin during my trip to China.
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