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The document translation service is performed in accordance with Chinese regulations and is accepted by all Chinese institutions. Your document will be translated by a certified Chinese native speaker translator and stamped with an official seal. On average the document will be translated in 24 hours; with delivery within China taking around 48 hours.
China document translation
All documents in China should be translated into the Chinese language by a certified translation agency and stamped with a special translation seal. In most cases the original translation is required, that’s why we provide a document delivery service. We also recommend that you order several copies of your document translation. Please make sure that the photo or scan of the document you want to translate is of good quality, because it is attached to the translated document as well.
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Price excludes tax. Tax rates are dependent on your country (chosen during the next step), which is for residents of: EU – 20%; Hong Kong – 10%; China – 6%; other countries – 0% (tax free).
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Customer Reviews
I translated a bunch of documents required for a work visa on your site. Everything was accepted and they kept the original translations. When you have a document translated I recommend ordering several copies.
I and my friends always order document translation into Chinese with this agency. They work very fast and send originals directly to your home. This site is very easy to use. I never expected, it could be so easy.
We purchased certified translation of around 40 pages and the delivery service. Everything arrived in Singapore within less than a week. Online document translation is a really convenient service.
I received my diploma and non-criminal record Chinese translation the next day. Now it is so easy to translate any documents in China. I am glad I found this translation agency.
Document translation online is a great idea, especially when you live in a big city and cannot speak Chinese.
Your company provides an excellent service. I received my translation in only two days. It is much faster than any other translation company we have used before.
I found your company through a friend who lives in China. The document translation you made for me was accepted first time, no changes were required. Thank you.
Yufu online document translation is very convenient and saves a lot of time. I am also extremely satisfied with the result – no omissions or misprints, as often happens with other companies when we need to translate official papers.
Finally, document translation is not a problem in China anymore. I recommend your site to all my partners, because you work with the languages other companies in China don’t.
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