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中文 Chinese -English professional translation

中文 Chinese -English professional translation online order


Time: day(s) from order approval.

Please choose this service if:

1. Your material involves technical, medical, financial, legal, or any other kind of professional vocabulary;

2. Your material is intended for publishing, presentation, promotion, advertising, etc.

3. Your requirements to translation quality are very high.

In addition to translation and quality control the service includes punctuation, grammar, format, and stylistic correction.

Completed document will be sent to your YUFU dashboard and your e-mail.

Time: day(s) from order approval.

All documents are translated by qualified translators only and reviewed for quality control.

Translations are performed by native speaker translators only.

The minimal possible order is 500 words / 800 Chinese characters.

If it is impossible to count number of words, one page is considered equal to one minimal order.

The Order is performed in accordance with the amount paid.

An average cost of translation is £ 0.05 per word and depends on language chosen; an average speed is 1500 words a day.

Completed document will be sent to your YUFU dashboard and your e-mail.

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Total cost of the service

Price excludes tax. Tax rate is dependent on your country of residence, which you may choose in the following step. For EU and Hong Kong residents a tax of 20% and 10% respectively will be applied. Service for residents of other countries is tax free.

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2. Proofreading

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The platform unites different language interpreters from hundreds of cities in China – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Dongguan, Nanjing, Suzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, Ningbo, Zhuhai, Kunming, Dalian, Changsha, Shijiazhuang, Xiamen, Wenzhou, Foshan, Huizhou, Nantong, Lanzhou, Zhongshan, Zibo, Fuzhou and many more.

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